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Wire Mesh
Wire Mesh Fence
Chain link fence
Gabion Box
Conveyor belt
Stainless steel wire mesh
Welded wire mesh
Mesh panel
Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Barbed wire
Razor barbed wire
Window screening
Expanded metal mesh
Barbecue wire mesh
Test sieves
Free formwork netting
Perforated metal
Wire mesh basket
Metal Wire
Galvanized wire
Cut iron wire
U shape wire
Loop tie wire

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt The Conveyor Belt of our company is manufactured according to the state standard (IB/TA 28001).They are made of stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant steel, low carbon steel and stainless sheet. With their durable and smooth function, they are used in the fields of auto-assembly lines, annealing, heat-treatment, baking, drying, electronic, chemical, acid-pickling, water- pickling and food processing. Special sizes will be produced upon request.
1. bolting wire—metal wire would up in a fixed pitch.
2. string—metal line connecting with bolting wire
3. screw pitch—two adjacent helical curves, the axial pitch between two points.
4. pitch—the diatance between two strings.